About Us

The Gates to Success (GtS) Student Organization is committed to helping first-generation college students achieve a meaningful college experience at San Diego State University (SDSU).

At SDSU, you are considered a First-Generation college student if your parent/guardian(s) did not complete a four-year college degree.

Gates to Success strives to build community among our first-generation college students and to support other first-gen peers as they transition to SDSU. 

Form connections with our student leaders, other members or prepare to enter a future GtS leadership role. Our official first-gen student orgranization is recognized by Student Life and Leadership and open to all students, regardless of major or level. 

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Gates to Success Student Executive Board

President - Xabier Rivera

Vice President - Yesenia Salazar

Secretary - Emily Alferez

Treasurer - Leslie Mendoza 

Community Chair - Dennise Juarez Aguilar

Membership Director - Natalie Phakornham

Marketing Director - Juliet Lopez

External Affairs Director - Kennedy Peppers 




Brenda Diaz,  Lead Student Success Academic Advisor

Gabriela Ibarra-Aspe, Student Success Academic Advisor


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